Products to try, final exams, etc.
So I haven't posted a product of the week but I am trying a few different products out in the mean time while I'm preparing for final exams next week.  Once that's done I plan on spending the summer searching for great products to post reviews, etc. about.  I'm also going to post products that I didn't find all that helpful or that were disappointing in terms of the hype around them and what results I actually got.  If there's anything anybody wants to suggest, feel free to leave a comment as I'm always willing to try new things when it comes to the world of cosmetics and beauty products :)  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day/week and I will post when I get the chance after I test out some more stuff :)

Incredible Hulk inspired look (using Sugarpill)
I've had the idea to do a Hulk look for awhile, mainly because I absolutely love the colors green and purple so it was just an excuse to use the fabulous Chroma Lust loose shadows from Sugarpill. :) I loooooove them.  Anyway, it was really just me being silly and playing with makeup because I don't get to do a lot of crazy colors on a normal everyday basis.  I wish more people would wear more crazy colors so that it doesn't have to be a "night time" look or a "going out" look.  Why can't I be cheery and colorful even during the day?  Anyway enjoy the pics.  :)  Just don't mind my skin right now.  It decided to go crazy kind of like the Hulk when he gets angry ;).



The products used were:
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk (as a base)
Sugarpill Chroma Lust loose eyeshadow in Junebug (the darker green)
Sugarpill Chroma Lust loose eyeshadow in Absinth (the lighter green)
Sugarpill Chroma Lust loose eyeshadow in Hysteric (purple to line upper last line)
MAC greasepaint stick in Violet (from the D Squared Collection) just a little to the upper lash line)
MAC e/s in Blanc Type (brow bone area)

Hugs, Tiff

*Disclaimer* All products used in these photos were purchased with my own money.  I am not in any way affiliated with the company/products in any way. All opinions expressed are genuinely mine and mine alone.  

That being said go over to and have a look.  The colors are fabulous and as I've said in my review from my first Sugarpill order, the customer service is awesome. :)

Also, check out the link below for the movie The Incredible Hulk (The one with Edward Norton) which I liked better than the previous one :)  You can purchase it at through the link if you don't already have it :)

The Incredible Hulk (Three-Disc Special Edition)
Product of the Week...Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist
Wow, time sure does fly.  It's that time again (maybe a little late, sorry) for the product of the week  :)
I love this product and I intend to also get the Shampoo and Conditioner next month (when I can use my 5 dollar coupon at Sally Beauty Supply lol) I had samples and they were awesome!  Anyway, this productm Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist, is basically a leave in conditioner product.  I love it.  I use it right after I wash my hair and it's awesome. It doesn't make my hair gross and greasy or oily (which some leave-in products do for me).  It also smells pretty good.  It reminds me of the original Herbal Essence shampoos and conditioners (from years and years ago when I was like a good while ago  ;) lol) The only thing I don't care too much for is the price.  It IS usually 12.99 although right now it is 10.99 at Sally Beauty, I think until the end of the month.   However, for what the product does for me, it's worth it.  It doesn't take a ton of product so it should last, so you should get your money's worth.

for those of you interested in the product :)

Anyway, I really don't know what else to say about the product other than that I have had a great experience with it so far.  I use it every time I wash my hair (which is generally every other day or sometimes every couple of days.)  I feel that it helps keep my hair shiny and less frizzy especially because with my hair cut shorter I have to blow dry it before I run the flat iron through it. I feel like it doesn't weight it down too much but it keeps my hair from going all out 'Fro when I am out in the heat and humidity.  That alone is a good reason for me ( or anyone else who has hair that likes to look like a poodle) to like this product.
Anyway, I hope this helps :) 


*Disclaimer* All products were purchased with my own money. I am not being paid for my opinion and I am not affiliated with any of the companies/products listed.  My opinion is genuinely mine and mine alone.  
Wicked Lady (from Sailor Moon) inspired eyeshadow look
Here's my first attempt to do a look based on Wicked Lady from Sailor Moon.  Pink, red and black are the colors used.  I'll put a list of the different products I used after the photos.  I still don't have great lighting or a good camera yet but I'm working on it.  Eventually I hope to have both by the beginning of the summer.  We'll see.

Products used: 
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Love + by Sugarpill (on the lid) 
Da Bling (e/s by MAC)
Lust palette by Wet 'n Wild (the black with purple the crease)
Lust palette by Wet 'n Wild (the mac pinkish color that is similar to yogurt by MAC)
Blanc Type by MAC (brow bone and to smooth harsh edges) 
Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner pencil in Granite
Jabberwocky (from Urban Decay AIW palette...which I'm pretty sure is oil slick) 
A small amount of the Love +, the black with purple glitter, and the eye liner pencil on lower lash line
Soft Kohl eyeliner by Rimmel in Pure White (bottom waterline)

I can't remember what I used on my lips, but it was basically a pink lipliner all over with some gloss.  I did this a few nights ago so I can't quite remember (sorry) 
I'm going to work on more looks here soon, I'm trying to perfect them and get better lighting and better pictures.  This look was done pretty quickly so I'm sure I can improve on it and I may even revisit it later.  Practice makes perfect :)  

I'm waiting on another Sugarpill order and then I'm probably going to do a couple different looks involving greens :) (The Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern....other comic inspired ones) we'll see :) 
Anyway, it's always fun to play with color so I hope everyone can be inspired to be bold and go for it :).

*Disclaimer* All products used and mentioned were purchased with my own money.  I am not affiliated in any way with the Companies/Products listed.  My opinions are genuinely mine and mine alone. 
Product of the Week...GiGi All Purpose Honee Hair Removal System
Product of the week time.  I know I didn't do one last week and I apologize.  I was sick and had tons of stuff to do for my classes.  The product I've chosen is a hair removal system that I thought I'd try out before spending money to get waxing done at a salon or spa.  Many women out there find themselves with unsightly facial hair and in recent years I've found myself to be one of them.  We all hate to talk about it but it's a simple fact that we have to deal with.  Obviously, there are tons of products on the market that claim they can remove that hair easily.  I've tried a few different cheaper ones that you can get at Walmart or drugstores, but I always found that I had to apply it several times to get most of the hair removed.  Usually, I would end up just plucking instead.  Now, if you've ever tried it, plucking your upper lip is pretty painful and takes a good amount of time to get every little hair. So, the product here is something I have tried and found that it works pretty well for a microwave waxing system.

Gigi All Purpose Honee: Microwave Formula Hair Removal System is the name of the product.  I got it at Sally Beauty Supply for only 15 dollars.  It comes with a tub of microwavable wax as well as large and small strips, large and small wooden applicators, Wax Off (which you use to get any left over wax residue off your skin), After Wax Concealer (which I thought was pretty cool.  It's basically a tinted moisturizer that helps hide any redness), Slow Grow (you apply this after showering or washing your face to help slow the regrowth of the hairs), and Pre-Hon (which basically preps the skin prior to waxing).

  Ok, let me tell you.  This product blew me away.  I didn't have to reapply wax at all in order to get any hairs that were left behind.  It was amazing.  I'm pretty self conscious about my "mustache" and so this was great.  I even did the area between my brows, unibrow whatever you would like to call it.  I didn't really need to do it but there were a few stray hairs coming back in after plucking and I thought I'd just try it out since I already had the wax ready to use.  I would definitely recommend this product to those who, like me, feel kind of awkward going somewhere to pay somebody to remove my mustache haha.  I haven't tried it yet on any other areas, like legs or bikini zone.  I believe there are other types of wax that are made by the same comany that are designed for specifically the bikini zone too.  There is even one called "brazillian bikini" wax.  I don't know if I'm that brave just yet haha.  But I do feel it was worth my 15 dollars because there is plenty of product which means it easily pays for itself when compared to what you'd pay to get it done at a salon multiple times.

Anyway, I hope this helps for those of you who want to get a home system to remove facial hair.
My only con is really that the wax can get a little messy when you're trying to take out the applicator (as you get the little strand of wax that doesn't want to separate) but that's probably difficult to avoid regardless simply because of what it's made of.

Anyway, have a great week :)

Disclaimer: all products were purchased with my own money.  I am not being paid in any way to promote this product.  All opinions expressed are my own.
Facial Cleanser Brush and Clean&Clear's Blackhead Clearing Scrub a perfect pair?
So I decided that since many people have talked about how great some of the tools for microdermabrasion that you can buy and use, it occurred to me that I could buy a facial cleanser brush and possibly get some of the same benefits with that.  I just can't fathom spending hundreds of dollars (as a lot of them seem to cost on sephora) when I can barely afford important things like bills.  So I figured I'd give it a shot and see how it went.  I also picked up a product by Clean & Clear, the Blackhead Clearing Scrub that claims on the package that you will see fewer blackheads in just 2 days.  I really didn't think that would work but I figured I'd give it a go since it's pretty inexpensive as far as face/beauty products go.  I've been using that every night for the last 3 nights with the facial brush and I am actually both surprised and amazed.  Not only did I notice fewer blackheads, but my skin has cleared up significantly in general.  I don't know if it is just the product itself but I'm thinking that combining it with the brush has done wonders.  The best part is that you can get a facial cleanser brush for less than 2 dollars at Sally's.  So if you are like me and you really can't afford those expensive tools but you want some of the benefits then it's definitely worth a try.   If you already have a face scrub that you love you can try using it with that and see how that goes.  All I know is that I've been fighting with my skin for so long with blackheads, breakouts and the icky peeling patches of dry skin that no matter what you do show up under makeup and this has helped considerably in just 3 days.  So, the experiment shall continue for now.