Not a Summer Baby.
Ok, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything but I had to find a way to get the energy to get up and not sweat too much.  This summer is definitely a hot one.  I'm from Cleveland (and lived in the Snow Belt no less)  so heat for me isn't exactly my favorite thing.  That coupled with the fact that I'm technically a winter baby (March 10th...even if it is at the end of the season)...I don't do well.  My pasty white skin and tendency to have my face turn into a mask of freckles certainly makes matters worse.  I think this explains why I chose Soccer as my childhood/high school sport.  It was usually not as hot and mostly played in the Fall.
The best thing to do for all of this crazy heat and humidity would be to make sure to stay hydrated (and no, partying it up drinking alcoholic beverages does not will make things worse!)  and to slather yourself in loads of sunscreen/sunblock.  Just remember to reapply frequently.  Don't just put it on before you leave home and expect it to last through swimming, running around sweating, etc.  You'll pay dearly for it.  Seeing as I'm the type of person who ends up looking "Lobster Chic" I definitely know the importance of this ritual.  In fact, you should be doing it even when it's not summer time.
Now, the only problem with loading yourself up with tons of SPF and covering up everything else is that you don't get enough  of that all important Vitamin D.  Trust me when I say this, it is SUPER important.  I had just gotten over Iron Deficiency Anemia when my doctor looked at me and told me I was still looking awfully pale.  I had to laugh because I've always been pale.  However, he made me get the dreaded blood work anyway because he just wanted to rule it out.  Apparently, I really was severely deficient of Vitamin D as well.  So much so that the doctor's office called me right away (instead of the usual waiting until my follow up appointment).  Yuck.  So then I feared I'd have to go force myself to get a little bit of sunshine.  I did take supplements but in reality, just 15 minutes in the sun helps your body make tons of that stuff naturally.  So while it's very important to wear sunscreen to help keep your skin healthy, remember you do need a little bit of it to help keep yourself healthy.
Personally, I still have to take supplements but nothing feels better than getting a little bit of natural sun.  I find that I sleep much better at night as well.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great summer and enjoy it while you can.  We'll soon be complaining when it's too cold.  :)

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