Ringing in the New Year...Goodbye 2010.
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I think I must be getting old because unlike a lot of people, I'm actually NOT getting ready to go out and party the night away until the clock strikes 12.  I'm just having a boring night with my husband and my french bulldog...and my cat if he decides to come hang out with us too.  We'll probably be watching some of the first season of Rome which I suppose is a party in and of itself.  The Romans knew how to have a good time.  I did get a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti so I will at least have a drink or several to compensate for my lack luster partying.  I do hope that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.  Please, Please, Pleeeeease, drink responsibly if you are going to drink at all.  If not, maybe help your friends get home by being a designated driver?  I never make New Years resolutions (because I always make them impossible to achieve) so hopefully I'll do something good in 2011 that in the end will make it a better year than 2010.  Take time and reflect on this past year.  I think that can help make some resolutions a little more successful if you can assess what you've done and maybe what you really could work on.  Anyway, have a Happy, Safe, Super Fun New Years and I hope you get to ring in 2011 in style....even if you're like me hanging out in your room watching television and having a drink while your dog snores under the covers!

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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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I just wanted to tell everyone to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! If you are not Christian then I hope you have a great holiday whatever you may be celebrating this time of year :)  Be safe with all your celebrating and I hope everyone is looking forward to the new year ahead of us.  It's hard to believe that it will be 2011.  I remember as a kid I couldn't wait until 1998 when I'd be 16 and old enough to drive or for 2000 when I'd finally be 18 and an adult haha.  Now I kind of wish the clock would stop moving so fast because it feels like the weeks, months and years sneak up awfully fast.
My advice to you for the upcoming year and the future is:
Don't wish your time away because when it finally comes you'll wish you had spent it focusing on what was going on at that time in your life instead of waiting for something to happen in the future when it's never a guarantee.  There are so many things I am grateful for in my life but when I think back to when I was a kid I can't help but feel nostalgia and even a little bit of homesickness.  I chose the word homesickness for a lot of reasons.  After my dad died (my mother having already passed away a year and a half before him) I had to move away from everything I'd ever known and loved in my life.  It still feels like I have had two lives.  One before my dad's death and then the Second starting when I had to move to a different city, school, etc.  I was only 13 then and looking back it's sometimes difficult to believe that I lived through all of that.  But we grow up and the past gets a little more distant from us but then we look back and wish we could do some things all over again.  Of course, we can't do that so I say, don't keep wishing time would speed up because believe me, it will come and be over with a lot faster than you could ever imagine.

I've never been good at New Year's resolutions but I hope that everyone can come up with something that is achievable.  I always find myself trying to set some crazy goal and then I give up quickly on it and forget all about it.  So for this coming year, I hope I can pass along something that even one person could benefit from.  That alone would make it all worth it.

So remember, be safe and have a great Holiday Season, whatever you are celebrating.  I hope everyone rings in the New Year with hope and anticipation for something even better than 2010 has brought.


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My Top 10 "Movies That Are So Awesomely Bad, They're Actually Good"
With the semester finally being over, I figured I'd go ahead and actually write a post since it's been awhile.  I was on GetGlue rating movies and it dawned on me that I liked some pretty horrible movies haha.  Now, I'm actually a lover of awful movies, especially B Horror movies or anything with Bruce Campbell in it (because he's awesome), or old horror films that when they were first released, they scared the crap out of people but now (due to our complete and total desensitization to sex and violence) are really just hilarious to watch.  So here is a list of 10 movies that I actually like that many consider to be awesomely bad.

10.  Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)
       I've seen this movie on a lot of lists for bad movies, but for some reason I actually liked it.  It may  not be as ridiculously awesome as the first one and they probably should have stuck with just one film...I mean, there can be only one, right? ;) And who doesn't like Sean Connery with a terrible fake tan? 

9.  King of the Zombies (1941)
      Ohhhh, let me count the ways in which this movie is so terrible.  I love zombie movies, although this movie isn't about flesh eating, rotting type zombies.  It's more along the lines of The Serpent and the Rainbow style zombies like you'd think of coming from Haiti.  This movie was actually nominated for an Oscar and while I"m sure it was considered great at the time of it's debut, I find it pretty laughable (and therefore amusing).

8.  The Mad (2007)
     Dear Billy Zane, where has your career gone?  Actually, I think he was fabulous in this film and quite funny.  Another zombie style movie where people become infected by eating tainted meat (a la Mad Cow Disease) and become creepy zombies.  However, one of the most laughed at scenes by myself and my husband is when a hamburger patty attacks one of the characters.  Yes, the meat actually attacks as well as those infected.  Oh boy.  This movie is definitely worthy of being on a Top 10 Bad Movie list but somehow Billy Zane seemed to make it worth my time.

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7.  The Lost Boys (1987)
     Now, this movie hasn't really popped up on a lot of bad movie lists but when you really start thinking back to when it was in its heyday, you realize it was so terribly cheesy and yet, this is the movie that made me desperately want to be a vampire.  Mainly because I wanted to be able to fly....which might be something I STILL wish I could do today. I mean, come on! It had the Coreys in it for crying out loud (and if you're confused because you're too young to remember, I'm referring to Corey Haim and Corey Feldman)  I still can't listen to the song "People Are Strange" by the Doors without thinking of this movie. 

6.  Fright Night (1985)
     I'm sure this movie was terrifying when it first came out *snickers* but I just find it amusing.  All I can think of is Chris Sarandon as Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride.

5.  The Toxic Avenger (1984)
      Who doesn't love a man in a tutu that fell into toxic waste and becomes bad ass with a mop?
  Toxie is my hero.

4.  Judge Dredd (1995)
     Yep.  I actually liked this movie haha....but because it's so cheesy and awful.  Like I said, I love horribly bad movies. 

3.  Sleepaway Camp (1983)
     Yeah, this movie was horrifying.  I did NOT see that ending coming.  This was the first movie I ever saw with full frontal male nudity in it haha.  This movie actually creeped me out when I first saw it but then again, I was pretty young and probably shouldn't have been watching it in the first place.

2.  Doomsday (2008)
     From the first time I saw this movie, I laughed.  It's become a sort of running joke with my husband.  We loved it.  Mainly because sometimes there's a movie that tries so hard to be serious and bad ass that when it turns out to be awful, you end up loving it.  Although, it does have Rhona Mitra in it and I love her haha. 

and the Number One Awesomely, craptastically, horribly bad movies that are actually good (in my opinion anyway) is......*drum roll*....*and maybe some trumpets*.......

1.  Class of 1999 (1990)
     If you haven't seen this movie,well then I feel bad for you because you have not truly known comedy.  I don't even know where to begin with this one.  First, you've got robot teachers that hate kids and want to punish them in various ways.  Then you have Pam Grier's boobs melting off and then she starts shooting (obviously, she's one of the robot teachers).  Then there's lines like "Do ya trust him?" with the response "Like a vampire giving me a blow job." And THEN there is the song...."Come the day" Ooooomg.  This movie has been a running joke with my best friend for yeeeears.  I hope people really didn't think this movie was what the future was going to be like lol.  You should see the clothes people are wearing in it.  Let's just say this movie didn't make nearly as much money at the box office (it only made about $2,459,895 here in the States) as it spent on it's budget (which according to imdb.com was over 5 million dollars)....

I love how the top 2 in my list both have Malcolm McDowell in them, which means simply based on principle I have to like them....no matter how ridiculously bad they are. 

Well anyway, I have tons of other movies I probably could have added to this list because there's just so many bad ones out there that make for amusing entertainment for those of us that like to laugh at these types of things.  Of course, there are some movies that were so bad that it's actually unforgivable (*cough* Batman and Robin *cough*) so maybe I'll have to make a list for those one of these days.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves reading this. haha

Love, Tiff

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Finally, a new post...about Zombies??
Yeah, I know...It's been an awful long time since I've posted anything on this blog but I felt like I'd hop on and ramble about zombies for a few minutes.  First of all, if you love comics AND you love zombies then you MUST MUST MUST read the comic series: The Walking Dead!!  If you don't feel like reading it then you can watch the new television series on AMC based on said comic.  However, the ongoing comic by Robert Kirkman is amazing.  The characters/plots are awesome and the artwork is great (really, what more could you ask for in a comic book?).  I think that it was a good move to make the artwork in simple black and white.  It does not let the onslaught of horror, blood and guts detract from the actual characters and the story lines going on throughout each issue.  I'm a huge fan of the whole zombie genre anyway, but this comic is one of the best things I've read in a very long time (and I read constantly).  This is not just straight up zombie gore (although there is plenty of that to go around too) but there is a great deal of attention paid to how the people struggling to survive in this apocalyptic world react and change as they experience a world that no longer has rules.  So, that's my reading recommendation for the month.  Hell, you can even ask for the books for Christmas or your birthday!  Nothing says "I love you" like a gift full of flesh eating zombies!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tiff :)
Not a Summer Baby.
Ok, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything but I had to find a way to get the energy to get up and not sweat too much.  This summer is definitely a hot one.  I'm from Cleveland (and lived in the Snow Belt no less)  so heat for me isn't exactly my favorite thing.  That coupled with the fact that I'm technically a winter baby (March 10th...even if it is at the end of the season)...I don't do well.  My pasty white skin and tendency to have my face turn into a mask of freckles certainly makes matters worse.  I think this explains why I chose Soccer as my childhood/high school sport.  It was usually not as hot and mostly played in the Fall.
The best thing to do for all of this crazy heat and humidity would be to make sure to stay hydrated (and no, partying it up drinking alcoholic beverages does not count...it will make things worse!)  and to slather yourself in loads of sunscreen/sunblock.  Just remember to reapply frequently.  Don't just put it on before you leave home and expect it to last through swimming, running around sweating, etc.  You'll pay dearly for it.  Seeing as I'm the type of person who ends up looking "Lobster Chic" I definitely know the importance of this ritual.  In fact, you should be doing it even when it's not summer time.
Now, the only problem with loading yourself up with tons of SPF and covering up everything else is that you don't get enough  of that all important Vitamin D.  Trust me when I say this, it is SUPER important.  I had just gotten over Iron Deficiency Anemia when my doctor looked at me and told me I was still looking awfully pale.  I had to laugh because I've always been pale.  However, he made me get the dreaded blood work anyway because he just wanted to rule it out.  Apparently, I really was severely deficient of Vitamin D as well.  So much so that the doctor's office called me right away (instead of the usual waiting until my follow up appointment).  Yuck.  So then I feared I'd have to go force myself to get a little bit of sunshine.  I did take supplements but in reality, just 15 minutes in the sun helps your body make tons of that stuff naturally.  So while it's very important to wear sunscreen to help keep your skin healthy, remember you do need a little bit of it to help keep yourself healthy.
Personally, I still have to take supplements but nothing feels better than getting a little bit of natural sun.  I find that I sleep much better at night as well.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great summer and enjoy it while you can.  We'll soon be complaining when it's too cold.  :)

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Happy Father's Day...Remembering my Dad.
   Since it's Father's Day I figured I'd take the time to remember all the wonderful memories I have of my Dad.  He died when I was 13 but there's many great things that come to mind that I remember about him.  All of my friends, as well as my brother's, loved him.  I don't think he had an enemy in the world.  I know I hated seeing him upset or angry because it wasn't a frequent occurrence and he was much more fun when he was smiling (which is did often).  I can remember falling asleep to music coming from the basement just about every night.  He was a drummer/musician and he let anybody who needed a place to jam to come into his studio to use any of his equipment.  At the calling hours after his death, there were so many people there to pay respects that the line was just about out the door of the funeral home.  There were plenty of people I didn't even know but it was amazing to see (even if it was a very sad day).  To know that many people loved my dad was something special to learn.  I knew he had many friends and he loved his family, so it was a tiny bit of reassurance when I knew that he wouldn't be with us anymore.  I can remember all the times he'd take us to the beach to swim in Lake Erie or we'd go crayfish hunting in a river close to home with our dog, Thor.  My dad was a goofball.  He loved when he had the chance to do things with us.  He was always excited when he could afford to take us places or buy us something cool for our birthday or Christmas.  Even though he didn't have much money, he managed to make our childhood pretty awesome.  Even after my mom and dad divorced and my mom moved out, I never heard him say anything bad about her.  In fact, he completely ignored the whole "every other weekend" rule the court gave for us to see our mom.  If we wanted to go see her, it was done.  He never thought it was right to keep us from seeing her.  For that, even now I have so much love and respect for him.  I see so many people have such ill feelings toward their ex spouses.  It's nice to look back and not see that in my memory of my dad.    I also recall the last movie that my brother and I saw in the theater with my dad was the movie, The Lion King.  It's little memories like that which keep him alive even after all these years without him.   To this day he's still my hero.
    So make sure you take the time to appreciate your father while you can and cherish those memories if they're no longer living just like I find myself doing on a daily basis.  Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!!

My dad holding me not long after I was born (1982)

Me and my dad when I was little.  I love how we're making the exact same expression! haha

My dad doing his drum thing.  I can't remember the exact year this was taken, but it wasn't all that long before his death in 1995.

So I hope all of you have a wonderful Father's Day!! 

The Benefit of the Doubt (Don't hate someone you've never met)
You ever feel like screaming?  I'm sure just about everyone has at one point in their life. Unfortunately, that doesn't go over well when you live with other people (or have neighbors).  Stress seems to permeate into every possible aspect of life anymore.  There's all kinds of suggestions for dealing with it online, or in books.  I wonder why it is there has to be books on it in the first place.  When there's a whole section in bookstores for self help and how to deal with things like stress it says a lot about the culture we live in.          

 There's also ridiculous amount of hate being thrown around in the world today.  Everywhere you go there's someone angry about something, whether a cashier got something wrong or somebody got a food order incorrect to all out hate for things about people who have no control over what it is they're hated for.  Who can help where they were born or to whom they were born?  It's ridiculous that these days it's even an issue. But sadly, it still is.  People are being raised to hate without ever having met the people they are supposed to hate.  How can it be that people can look into the eyes of another human being and hate them for something they had no control over?  It's one thing to be angry at someone who hurt you.  It's another to wish someone harm or worse simply because their skin color, language, religion, culture etc. are different than yours.  We've been taught all our lives that this country (the United States) is a melting pot and that we're so great and accepting of everyone, but it's not the case.  I have encountered so many people who never have anything good to say about certain people just because they are classified as a certain race or religion.  People they have never even met or bothered to get to know.
         I have a rule that I try very hard to live by. One simple rule when I first meet a person, even if I heard horrible things about them.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  That is my rule simply because I feel every person has the right to prove to you whether or not what you have heard is true or something made up because someone didn't like them for whatever reason.  I've met countless people who someone had told me something along the lines of "oh she's a bitch" or "he's such an asshole" or "they're a horrible person" only to be shown that they were simply misunderstood.  How many times do we have to repeat the same mistakes before we realize we're all the same?  We all want to be accepted for who we are without worrying that people will judge us before we can even show them the kind of person we really are.  I've even had a person tell ME "oh I thought you were going to be such a bitch" when I started working at a store when I first went to college.  I was shocked.  I never thought I'd come across that way to someone or that someone would outright think that when they hadn't gotten to know me first.  Needless to say, that person ended up saying I was different from what they first thought and that they considered me a friend.  I couldn't help but feel bad for this individual.  I feel bad for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to get to know someone before writing them off as unlikable.    These are frustrating and trying times we live in.  I hope for everyone's sake that people can stop looking for reasons to hate people and start giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Yeah, sometimes those people will end up not being a very nice person but at least you gave them the chance to earn your respect before writing them off.  
So I guess that's kind of a long rant but I'm so exhausted from all the hate flying around out there in the world.  Take from this what you will, but I hope you'll think twice before judging someone without trying to give them a chance first.  


My Top Six Favorite Authors (I tried to do a top 5...but obviously that didn't work out)
Here is a list of my top 6 favorite authors as of this posting.  Some of these I've loved for many years, while a couple I recently got into because, of course, my best friend told me I'd be stupid not to read them....she was right.  Most of these are either fantasy/sci-fi, some have a little bit of paranormal romance or something like that.  I'm a woman, I like romance.  Ok, actually I find some "romance" cheesy and corny to the point where it almost makes me uncomfortable but some of it it still fun to read ;).  So here's the list :)  Oh, and these are in no particular order (I don't think I could do that if I wanted to.  I like them all too much lol).

1. Jim Butcher...This wonderful Fantasy/Sci-fi writer has brought us wonderful books in the form of the Codex Alera and the Dresden Files series.  Amazing.  So awesome that even my husband (who is a total D&D geek and video game nerd) loves them as well.  In fact, I think I married Harry Dresden because there are an awful lot of similarities lol.  

2. Neil Gaiman....as I posted in my last blog, Neil Gaiman should be shown in the dictionary next to the word, Awesome, because he is made up of pure awesomeness.  Yeah, he's basically a must read.  Some of his books include: American Gods, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere, Stardust, The Graveyard Book, Coraline....and he also wrote Good Omens with Terry Pratchett who should also be included under the word Awesome.  

3.  Brandon Sanderson....This is a recent addition (due to my best friend) who I should have been reading from day one.  The Mistborn Trilogy is amazing.  He would also be under Sci-Fi fantasy.  His mistborn and mistings almost make me not want to be a furycrafter (Butcher's Codex Alera). Anyway, he's one to check out.

4.Laurell K. Hamilton...I've been reading LKH for many years now, because my best friend forced me to read the first Anita Blake book one time when I was visiting her.  I mean, I think she held me at knife point or something because I kept saying I'd check the books out and hadn't gotten around to it.  Needless to say, I read the entire thing that very night.  Lately, I haven't been as impressed with some of her more recent books, especially in the Anita Blake series, but because I loved so many of the earlier ones I still include her on here.  She writes some sci-fi/fantasy but with a lot more sex ;) haha.  You have everything you could possibly want in these books: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, ghouls, wererats, werehyenas, wereleopards, etc.  You name it, it's probably in there.  Even swans lol.  Let me tell you right now, the whole Twilight trinity that everybody is obsessed with....sorry folks, LKH did it loooooooong before the Twihards ever got their Jacob or Edward tattoos.  Honestly, I think Anita, Jean Claude (vampire) and Richard (wolf) were a much sexier threesome.  And Jean Claude didn't even sparkle.  But anyway, her other series is the Merry Gentry series which I really like as well.  It's got faeries in it and of course, lots of sex. But moving on ;)

5.  Clive Barker...one of my all time favorite books is The Thief of Always by Barker.  He can write some creepy stuff though, let me tell you.   The Hellraiser franchise can back me up.  Yeah, they got that from Barker's The Hellbound Heart.  caaarreeeeepy, but he's amazing so check him out as well.  

6. R. A. Salvatore....I was only going to do a top 5 but I simply could not leve Salvatore out.  I love love love his books.  I don't even play D&D and I love the stuff he's written in the Forgotten Realms world.  Come on, who doesn't love Drizzt?  or Cadderly?  I love his characters.  They're so lovable when he wants them to be and you absolutely hate the ones he intends for you to hate.  Love his stuff, can't get enough of it.  If you're looking for some good D&D type of stuff, he's a good one to read :)

ok, so that's basically my top 6 but I love reading so it's really hard to come up with a list without feeling like I'm leaving some great people out.  I also really like Charaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books haha.  I've been reading those for years (long before True Blood) and I think they're cute.  But as I implied in my last post, I'll pretty much try to read just about anybody.....except Stephanie Meyers (unless somebody is torturing me, cuz at least reading it will be more mental torture than physical).  I just can't bring myself to read the twilight books, sorry.  If you like them, that's certainly your right.  I just really can't get past the first page of the first book.  I tried in walmart once.  It didn't go over well with my brain.  Anyway, try these authors if you're looking for interesting books.  Especially with the ones where there are a series of books.  I love following the characters through several books.  Anyway, that's my little list.  Below are some links to some of the books if you want to check them out :) Enjoy.




**Disclaimer** All opinions in this post are solely my own.  I am not affiliated in any way with the authors mentioned other than as an avid reader/fan of their material.  All books mentioned were purchased with my own money.  **
Off The Bookshelf: Building Up Your Library

Hey hey.  Back with my first non-make up related post.  Every now and again, I'm planning to post some books I happen to like in the hopes of offering suggestions to those interested in building up there own libraries.  I know I am constantly on the hunt for new things to read (which usually ends up with me bugging my wonderful Best Friend, Sophie, for stuff she can suggest.  She hasn't failed me yet!)  So here are a couple of books.  Some of these were actually required readings for my Ancient History course I recently finished.  However, since I'm a complete and total nerd, I happened to enjoy what I read.  So, take from it what you will and make sure to get your knowledge on in the process.

1. The Bacchae by Euripides

For those of you, who like me, became recently obsessed with the show, True Blood (based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series, which I've been reading for many years now), you'll want to read this play.  Why would you want to read a play by some ancient Greek dude?  Well, if you recall in Season 2 of our beloved vampire and shapeshifter laden show, Mary-ann was a crazy ass chick who was actually a Maenad.  This book will give you some insight into what exactly the heck a Maenad is.  These women LOVE Dionysus.  Can't get enough of him.  Anyway, check it out.  It's a short, quick read and you might come away even more confused or you might find you actually enjoyed the horribly tragic tale of a guy who just doesn't get it when it comes to giving a god like Dionysus some proper respect.  

2.  American Gods by Neil Gaiman

So if this book isn't already in your personal library you need to ask yourself, "what the hell is wrong with me?"  This book, along with its ridiculously talented author, is something that is a must have.  This action packed adventure is filled with all kinds of awesomeness.  Read this and follow the journey of Shadow who is thrown into a seriously crazy world where Gods, both ancient and very new are about to get their holy battle on for the soul of America.  Really, Neil Gaiman has not written a book that has disappointed me yet.  I highly recommend checking him out if you happened to just climb out from under a literary rock to find yourself not recognizing his name. :)  

3. The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius

So check out that handsome dude on the cover huh? That would be Julius Caesar...you know, the crazy Roman dude that decided it would be a good idea to make himself Emperor for Life?  Yeah, that one.  This book gives you some wonderful information regarding some of the craziest bastards to ever rule the Roman Empire.  Suetonius was kind enough to write for us some information regarding the wonderful Julio-Claudian rulers, including Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero...and a few more that probably not many people remember.   So, if you ever want to read something about some of the most seriously screwed up individuals who managed to rule Rome, get this book.  If you happened to already watch Rome, the television series, you could read this and then impress some of your friends when you can tell them things that might not be correct in the show. Or you could just be a geek like me and read it because you actually like reading history related books for fun instead of going out on Saturday night.

So that concludes my "Off the Bookshelf" segment for now.  I hope to post more in the future and I truly hope anybody who reads this seriously considers reading some of the books I've suggested (If you haven't read them already, that is.)


**Disclaimer:  All material listed was purchased by me.  I am in no way affiliated with anyone representing these books, nor am I being paid or influenced in any way to suggest these materials.**
Moving in a new direction
I've been thinking almost since I first started to do the whole blog thing (which has only been a very recent thing for me) that, while I love all things beauty/makeup related, I know there are so many blogs already out there and established that have great material.  I feel that mine would not be adding much to the beauty world that people couldn't already find on countless other blogs where many readers already turn to.  So I've decided that I would like to move my blog in a different direction.  I only have 4 "followers" at the moment anyway but I still wanted to make sure everyone knew what was happening and why the content and subject matter is changing.  If I do come across something cool dealing with cosmetics or beauty I will definitely be sure to post something.  However, I'm thinking of writing about more day to day, inspirational type stuff.  I've seen a lot in my 28 years and I've gone through many transformations.  I've learned a great deal about both myself and those close to me in ways that only growing up can teach you.  I'd like to share some of that with whoever feels like reading this blog.  I'm hoping that some of the things I share over the course of this blog, that people can take something away from it to help in their own lives if they are dealing with something I've already gone through.   I thank those few of you who have started out as my very first readers and I hope that many others will find their way here and gain some insight that I hope I can provide.

Thanks and Hugs, 
Tiff :)
Some disappointing products
So in the last few weeks I've been trying out some different products to see if I liked them or not.  While a few were great, I wanted to blog about a couple of products that I did not find all that great.

The first product is a dry shampoo by Beyond The Zone Pro Formula, Rock On Dry Shampoo.  I can't wash my hair daily (due to psoriasis) and my hair tends to be on the oily side so I figured I'd give this product a try to help freshen up my hair on the days I don't wash it.  It claims that it soaks up some of the oils but I didn't notice any difference at all in that regard.  Also, I can't stand the smell of it.  I don't know how to describe it but it's not a fresh smell that'd I'd like my hair to smell like.  It claims it will keep your hair looking and smelling fresh and neither of these were true for me.  Maybe it's just me, but I feel like it was a waste of money.

The other product, unfortunately, is the Neutrogena Spectrum+ Face SPF 100+ sunscreen.  It burns my eyes no matter what I do, even though I'm careful to keep it away from that part of my face.  Just having it on my face makes my eyes water and burn.  Also, one of the ingredients it contains is Oxybenzone which has shown in some studies to actually damage DNA in your skin cells.  Considering the use of sunscreen is supposed to help PREVENT that, I did not think that was good to have in a product that I need to apply daily to my face.  Regardless of that ingredient, which I recommend avoiding if possible (even though many name brand sunscreens/sunblocks contain it in the U.S.) I did not like how it felt on my face.  It made my face shiny and more oily than it already is to begin with.  I definitely broke out more while using it.  So sadly, I'm in need of a good sunscreen for my face yet again.

Anyway, I hope this information is useful in some way.  These are my own opinions based on my experiences using both of these products regularly for several weeks.  Some of you may have better luck with them but unfortunately I did not like them.

Thanks for reading :)


**Disclaimer** These products were not sent to me and were purchased with my own money.  My opinion is solely my own and I am not influenced in any way by the companies that make the above mentioned products.  I do not work for these companies and am in no way affiliated with them.
Products to try, final exams, etc.
So I haven't posted a product of the week but I am trying a few different products out in the mean time while I'm preparing for final exams next week.  Once that's done I plan on spending the summer searching for great products to post reviews, etc. about.  I'm also going to post products that I didn't find all that helpful or that were disappointing in terms of the hype around them and what results I actually got.  If there's anything anybody wants to suggest, feel free to leave a comment as I'm always willing to try new things when it comes to the world of cosmetics and beauty products :)  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day/week and I will post when I get the chance after I test out some more stuff :)

Incredible Hulk inspired look (using Sugarpill)
I've had the idea to do a Hulk look for awhile, mainly because I absolutely love the colors green and purple so it was just an excuse to use the fabulous Chroma Lust loose shadows from Sugarpill. :) I loooooove them.  Anyway, it was really just me being silly and playing with makeup because I don't get to do a lot of crazy colors on a normal everyday basis.  I wish more people would wear more crazy colors so that it doesn't have to be a "night time" look or a "going out" look.  Why can't I be cheery and colorful even during the day?  Anyway enjoy the pics.  :)  Just don't mind my skin right now.  It decided to go crazy kind of like the Hulk when he gets angry ;).



The products used were:
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk (as a base)
Sugarpill Chroma Lust loose eyeshadow in Junebug (the darker green)
Sugarpill Chroma Lust loose eyeshadow in Absinth (the lighter green)
Sugarpill Chroma Lust loose eyeshadow in Hysteric (purple to line upper last line)
MAC greasepaint stick in Violet (from the D Squared Collection) just a little to the upper lash line)
MAC e/s in Blanc Type (brow bone area)

Hugs, Tiff

*Disclaimer* All products used in these photos were purchased with my own money.  I am not in any way affiliated with the company/products in any way. All opinions expressed are genuinely mine and mine alone.  

That being said go over to www.sugarpillshop.com and have a look.  The colors are fabulous and as I've said in my review from my first Sugarpill order, the customer service is awesome. :)

Also, check out the link below for the movie The Incredible Hulk (The one with Edward Norton) which I liked better than the previous one :)  You can purchase it at Amazon.com through the link if you don't already have it :)

The Incredible Hulk (Three-Disc Special Edition)
Product of the Week...Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist
Wow, time sure does fly.  It's that time again (maybe a little late, sorry) for the product of the week  :)
I love this product and I intend to also get the Shampoo and Conditioner next month (when I can use my 5 dollar coupon at Sally Beauty Supply lol) I had samples and they were awesome!  Anyway, this productm Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist, is basically a leave in conditioner product.  I love it.  I use it right after I wash my hair and it's awesome. It doesn't make my hair gross and greasy or oily (which some leave-in products do for me).  It also smells pretty good.  It reminds me of the original Herbal Essence shampoos and conditioners (from years and years ago when I was like 13....so a good while ago  ;) lol) The only thing I don't care too much for is the price.  It IS usually 12.99 although right now it is 10.99 at Sally Beauty, I think until the end of the month.   However, for what the product does for me, it's worth it.  It doesn't take a ton of product so it should last, so you should get your money's worth.

for those of you interested in the product :)

Anyway, I really don't know what else to say about the product other than that I have had a great experience with it so far.  I use it every time I wash my hair (which is generally every other day or sometimes every couple of days.)  I feel that it helps keep my hair shiny and less frizzy especially because with my hair cut shorter I have to blow dry it before I run the flat iron through it. I feel like it doesn't weight it down too much but it keeps my hair from going all out 'Fro when I am out in the heat and humidity.  That alone is a good reason for me ( or anyone else who has hair that likes to look like a poodle) to like this product.
Anyway, I hope this helps :) 


*Disclaimer* All products were purchased with my own money. I am not being paid for my opinion and I am not affiliated with any of the companies/products listed.  My opinion is genuinely mine and mine alone.  
Wicked Lady (from Sailor Moon) inspired eyeshadow look
Here's my first attempt to do a look based on Wicked Lady from Sailor Moon.  Pink, red and black are the colors used.  I'll put a list of the different products I used after the photos.  I still don't have great lighting or a good camera yet but I'm working on it.  Eventually I hope to have both by the beginning of the summer.  We'll see.

Products used: 
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Love + by Sugarpill (on the lid) 
Da Bling (e/s by MAC)
Lust palette by Wet 'n Wild (the black with purple glitter...in the crease)
Lust palette by Wet 'n Wild (the mac pinkish color that is similar to yogurt by MAC)
Blanc Type by MAC (brow bone and to smooth harsh edges) 
Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner pencil in Granite
Jabberwocky (from Urban Decay AIW palette...which I'm pretty sure is oil slick) 
A small amount of the Love +, the black with purple glitter, and the eye liner pencil on lower lash line
Soft Kohl eyeliner by Rimmel in Pure White (bottom waterline)

I can't remember what I used on my lips, but it was basically a pink lipliner all over with some gloss.  I did this a few nights ago so I can't quite remember (sorry) 
I'm going to work on more looks here soon, I'm trying to perfect them and get better lighting and better pictures.  This look was done pretty quickly so I'm sure I can improve on it and I may even revisit it later.  Practice makes perfect :)  

I'm waiting on another Sugarpill order and then I'm probably going to do a couple different looks involving greens :) (The Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern....other comic inspired ones) we'll see :) 
Anyway, it's always fun to play with color so I hope everyone can be inspired to be bold and go for it :).

*Disclaimer* All products used and mentioned were purchased with my own money.  I am not affiliated in any way with the Companies/Products listed.  My opinions are genuinely mine and mine alone. 
Product of the Week...GiGi All Purpose Honee Hair Removal System
Product of the week time.  I know I didn't do one last week and I apologize.  I was sick and had tons of stuff to do for my classes.  The product I've chosen is a hair removal system that I thought I'd try out before spending money to get waxing done at a salon or spa.  Many women out there find themselves with unsightly facial hair and in recent years I've found myself to be one of them.  We all hate to talk about it but it's a simple fact that we have to deal with.  Obviously, there are tons of products on the market that claim they can remove that hair easily.  I've tried a few different cheaper ones that you can get at Walmart or drugstores, but I always found that I had to apply it several times to get most of the hair removed.  Usually, I would end up just plucking instead.  Now, if you've ever tried it, plucking your upper lip is pretty painful and takes a good amount of time to get every little hair. So, the product here is something I have tried and found that it works pretty well for a microwave waxing system.

Gigi All Purpose Honee: Microwave Formula Hair Removal System is the name of the product.  I got it at Sally Beauty Supply for only 15 dollars.  It comes with a tub of microwavable wax as well as large and small strips, large and small wooden applicators, Wax Off (which you use to get any left over wax residue off your skin), After Wax Concealer (which I thought was pretty cool.  It's basically a tinted moisturizer that helps hide any redness), Slow Grow (you apply this after showering or washing your face to help slow the regrowth of the hairs), and Pre-Hon (which basically preps the skin prior to waxing).

  Ok, let me tell you.  This product blew me away.  I didn't have to reapply wax at all in order to get any hairs that were left behind.  It was amazing.  I'm pretty self conscious about my "mustache" and so this was great.  I even did the area between my brows, unibrow whatever you would like to call it.  I didn't really need to do it but there were a few stray hairs coming back in after plucking and I thought I'd just try it out since I already had the wax ready to use.  I would definitely recommend this product to those who, like me, feel kind of awkward going somewhere to pay somebody to remove my mustache haha.  I haven't tried it yet on any other areas, like legs or bikini zone.  I believe there are other types of wax that are made by the same comany that are designed for specifically the bikini zone too.  There is even one called "brazillian bikini" wax.  I don't know if I'm that brave just yet haha.  But I do feel it was worth my 15 dollars because there is plenty of product which means it easily pays for itself when compared to what you'd pay to get it done at a salon multiple times.

Anyway, I hope this helps for those of you who want to get a home system to remove facial hair.
My only con is really that the wax can get a little messy when you're trying to take out the applicator (as you get the little strand of wax that doesn't want to separate) but that's probably difficult to avoid regardless simply because of what it's made of.

Anyway, have a great week :)

Disclaimer: all products were purchased with my own money.  I am not being paid in any way to promote this product.  All opinions expressed are my own.
Facial Cleanser Brush and Clean&Clear's Blackhead Clearing Scrub a perfect pair?
So I decided that since many people have talked about how great some of the tools for microdermabrasion that you can buy and use, it occurred to me that I could buy a facial cleanser brush and possibly get some of the same benefits with that.  I just can't fathom spending hundreds of dollars (as a lot of them seem to cost on sephora) when I can barely afford important things like bills.  So I figured I'd give it a shot and see how it went.  I also picked up a product by Clean & Clear, the Blackhead Clearing Scrub that claims on the package that you will see fewer blackheads in just 2 days.  I really didn't think that would work but I figured I'd give it a go since it's pretty inexpensive as far as face/beauty products go.  I've been using that every night for the last 3 nights with the facial brush and I am actually both surprised and amazed.  Not only did I notice fewer blackheads, but my skin has cleared up significantly in general.  I don't know if it is just the product itself but I'm thinking that combining it with the brush has done wonders.  The best part is that you can get a facial cleanser brush for less than 2 dollars at Sally's.  So if you are like me and you really can't afford those expensive tools but you want some of the benefits then it's definitely worth a try.   If you already have a face scrub that you love you can try using it with that and see how that goes.  All I know is that I've been fighting with my skin for so long with blackheads, breakouts and the icky peeling patches of dry skin that no matter what you do show up under makeup and this has helped considerably in just 3 days.  So, the experiment shall continue for now.  

St. Ives Microdermabrasion follow up
So back on the 18th (I think) I mentioned that St. Ives had a new product that was basically a face scrub that was supposed to be like microdermabrasion.  I will say that it does make your face feel all nice and smooth after using it and it smells good too.  That's about it.  Mainly because my face decided to revolt.  I thought at first it was just my pores sort of working out the yucky stuff in them since I had just started using the product, so I didn't just up and quit at first but then as I continued to use it I still kept getting more breakouts and they were very painful.  I mean, this wasn't even my normal cystic acne type of reaction that some products give me if my skin doesn't like them.  This was a ton of little pimples literally everywhere on my face!! It was horrifying.  However, I would still recommend trying it to those who generally don't have super sensitive skin who could probably handle it.  I don't know what in it caused the break out I just know that for me, my skin was angry at me.  I'm pretty disappointed and kind of sad because I've never had that kind of problem in the past with St. Ives products.  Oh well.  Trial and error is the only way to find out if the product will work.  

Easy Mixing Medium: Glycerin and Water (cheap and super easy!)
Ok, so I've been wanting to make a mixing medium that wouldn't break the bank since most that you buy from places such as MAC or Make Up For Ever can be a bit pricey.  So I'm making it with glycerin and water.  Here's how:

What you need:
a bottle of pure Glycerin (I got mine at a local drug store, I think mine was like 3 dollars)
Small Container with a Lid
a measuring spoon (the size depends on how much you want to make)

Basically all you need to do is take 1 part glycerin and add 3 parts water.  Add them to the little container that you have, close it up and shake it.  There ya have it.  It's so easy and much cheaper than buying mixing medium.  I wouldn't recommend making a big batch as there are no preservatives that are added. Throw it out no later than 2 weeks if you still have some left.  Since I'm paranoid about my eyes, I'll probably only make enough for a week at a time just to be safe.  Mold can grow in it and nobody wants yucky mold in their eye makeup!! I hope this helps :)
For my batch I simply used 1/4 teaspoon of glycerin and 3/4 tablespoons of water.  Pretty easy and straight forward.
Make sure when you dip your brush in it to blot excess mixture on a paper towel.  You only need a small amount just so that it is damp.
                 The one on the left is dry with no base/primer, the one on the right is with the glycerin/water       mix and no base/primer.

Remember: never use the glycerin by itself.  This will dry out your skin.  You need to make sure you put the water in with it.


Disclaimer: All products shown were purchased by me.  No company or brand is paying me to do this blog, nor do they endorse it in any way.  Any opinions are solely my own.
Product of the week! MAC Colour Cream Base in Shell
Ok, I know I had a MAC product last week too but I really love this product.  MAC's Colour Cream Base in Shell is a great product that can be used for many things.  I use it as a highlight on my cheeks and also as a base for eye shadows too.  Make sure to read the little pamphlet that comes in the box though  because not all colour bases are safe to use on the eyes.  Shell is ok but if you choose a different color you should always read the labels and information that come with it to be sure.  I hope everyone is enjoying some good sunny weather!  Have a great week! More posts soon!


       sorry about the layout of the photos...for some reason I couldn't get them to line up right.  Also, I know the color is terrible in terms of the lighting and I'm sorry for that.  I need a new camera so right now all I can use is my macbook's camera or my iphone, which kind of suck in terms of quality for these types of photos.  I at least wanted to give an idea of what the product looks like so I hope this is helpful.  

New product trial (St. Ives Microderm-abrasion)
So I was browsing the skincare products when I was at the pharmacy today and came across a product I didn't know existed.  Apparently St. Ives has come out with a product that is a microderm-abrasion that you can use daily kind of like an exfoliator.  It's new for their St. Ives Elements line.  I'm kind of excited to try it because you don't need a kit to do it.  You just rub it on your face and rinse it off.  I'm going to be trying it over the course of the next few weeks and then I'll give an update on how it goes.  The package says you can use it every day so we'll see how that works.  It claims on the tube that it "Gently Smooths Away The Appearance of Fine Lines" and that it has Fine Mineral Crystals And Chamomile.  I guess there's only one way to find out if it works. :) I'll be sure to update when I see how it works.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned :)


*disclaimer* This product was purchased with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with St Ives.  My opinions that may appear on this product are completely my own.
Product of the week! MAC Fix+
Ok, so I'm going to try to post a favorite product every week if I have the time.  They wont necessarily be brand new items that have come out but things that I consistently go back to time and time again.  I hope that it ends up being helpful to anyone who reads this. 

My first product of the week is the MAC Fix+ Skin Refresher/Finishing Mist.  I absolutely love this product and it is multipurpose which is even better.  Some of the things you can use it for are for a finishing spray after you have put all your makeup on or as a refresher any time during the day when you just want to give your skin a little boost.  I have also used this for applying pigments and loose shadows wet.  It works pretty well and has never irritated my eyes.  I have also used it to spray on my hair to freshen it up because I wash my hair every other day instead of daily.  Also, it smells really awesome too.  So if you're looking for a product that you can use for all of the above, the MAC Fix+ might be what you're looking for! 

I hope this helps at least one person out there :) 

Don't forget your medicine!! (My Sugarpill order has arrived!!)
Today I got what I ordered from Sugarpill and I have to say I'm ridiculously impressed.  I know a lot of makeup gurus have already reviewed the products but I wanted to give my own as well.  I purchased all of the items with my own money. They were not sent to me for free and my opinion is completely my own.

As important as the actual product is, we all know that presentation goes a long way.  The first thing you'll notice when you get your Sugarpill order is how much care and time had to have gone into developing the products.  The packaging is phenomenal.  Also, the box even has the Sugarpill logo stamped right on it :)
see how cute? (I covered my address with the card in case you were wondering)


Check out that amazing packaging! The top left is a picture of all the products I ordered.  the Top right is how the palettes come.  Bottom left are two of the loose shadows (Chromalust) and the bottom right is the packing slip.  
Now, I don't know about you guys but this little personal touch is really cool.  I'm not a makeup guru and I'm pretty new to the makeup world compared to a lot of bloggers out there but I still felt special when I opened up my box and saw that I got a personal thank you and not just a generic typed thank you.  
The products themselves are just as amazing as the packaging! 

This is the Burning Heart palette.  I was so excited to get this product because I have wanted a good red and yellow for awhile and just hadn't found it until now!! :)

From left to right Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, and Poison Plum...The pic on the right is just to show you just how much product you're getting.  The one on the left is Love+ while the one on the right is a MAC shadow.  Look at how HUGE the shadows are for Sugarpill and it's cheaper than a MAC shadow.  I am amazed at the amount you get :) The palettes are magnetic and also have a mirror in them.  

These are the two Chromalust loose shadows I got.  Royal Sugar (blue) and Decora (pink)

Decora again....The pic on the right is to show the loose shadow in comparison to the old MAC pigment size.  MAC changed their pigments and they have less in them.  For what the Sugarpill loose shadows cost you are getting a very good deal.  Below is a comparison of Sugarpill loose shadows to what the new MAC pigments look like.  


I'm sorry the lighting isn't that great but you can get an idea...the ones on the left are dry, with no base or anything under, and the ones on the right are just wet using MAC's Fix+ (I don't have any mixing medium) also without a base/primer.  

The only con I have at the moment is that the red stains the skin a little bit, but it's nothing that makeup remover can't take off (so it's really not a big deal anyway).  I am DEFINITELY going to be buying more when I get enough money to place another order.  
Go to www.sugarpillshop.com and check it out!!! :)