Product of the week! MAC Colour Cream Base in Shell
Ok, I know I had a MAC product last week too but I really love this product.  MAC's Colour Cream Base in Shell is a great product that can be used for many things.  I use it as a highlight on my cheeks and also as a base for eye shadows too.  Make sure to read the little pamphlet that comes in the box though  because not all colour bases are safe to use on the eyes.  Shell is ok but if you choose a different color you should always read the labels and information that come with it to be sure.  I hope everyone is enjoying some good sunny weather!  Have a great week! More posts soon!


       sorry about the layout of the photos...for some reason I couldn't get them to line up right.  Also, I know the color is terrible in terms of the lighting and I'm sorry for that.  I need a new camera so right now all I can use is my macbook's camera or my iphone, which kind of suck in terms of quality for these types of photos.  I at least wanted to give an idea of what the product looks like so I hope this is helpful.  

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