St. Ives Microdermabrasion follow up
So back on the 18th (I think) I mentioned that St. Ives had a new product that was basically a face scrub that was supposed to be like microdermabrasion.  I will say that it does make your face feel all nice and smooth after using it and it smells good too.  That's about it.  Mainly because my face decided to revolt.  I thought at first it was just my pores sort of working out the yucky stuff in them since I had just started using the product, so I didn't just up and quit at first but then as I continued to use it I still kept getting more breakouts and they were very painful.  I mean, this wasn't even my normal cystic acne type of reaction that some products give me if my skin doesn't like them.  This was a ton of little pimples literally everywhere on my face!! It was horrifying.  However, I would still recommend trying it to those who generally don't have super sensitive skin who could probably handle it.  I don't know what in it caused the break out I just know that for me, my skin was angry at me.  I'm pretty disappointed and kind of sad because I've never had that kind of problem in the past with St. Ives products.  Oh well.  Trial and error is the only way to find out if the product will work.  

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