New product trial (St. Ives Microderm-abrasion)
So I was browsing the skincare products when I was at the pharmacy today and came across a product I didn't know existed.  Apparently St. Ives has come out with a product that is a microderm-abrasion that you can use daily kind of like an exfoliator.  It's new for their St. Ives Elements line.  I'm kind of excited to try it because you don't need a kit to do it.  You just rub it on your face and rinse it off.  I'm going to be trying it over the course of the next few weeks and then I'll give an update on how it goes.  The package says you can use it every day so we'll see how that works.  It claims on the tube that it "Gently Smooths Away The Appearance of Fine Lines" and that it has Fine Mineral Crystals And Chamomile.  I guess there's only one way to find out if it works. :) I'll be sure to update when I see how it works.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned :)


*disclaimer* This product was purchased with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with St Ives.  My opinions that may appear on this product are completely my own.
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