Don't forget your medicine!! (My Sugarpill order has arrived!!)
Today I got what I ordered from Sugarpill and I have to say I'm ridiculously impressed.  I know a lot of makeup gurus have already reviewed the products but I wanted to give my own as well.  I purchased all of the items with my own money. They were not sent to me for free and my opinion is completely my own.

As important as the actual product is, we all know that presentation goes a long way.  The first thing you'll notice when you get your Sugarpill order is how much care and time had to have gone into developing the products.  The packaging is phenomenal.  Also, the box even has the Sugarpill logo stamped right on it :)
see how cute? (I covered my address with the card in case you were wondering)


Check out that amazing packaging! The top left is a picture of all the products I ordered.  the Top right is how the palettes come.  Bottom left are two of the loose shadows (Chromalust) and the bottom right is the packing slip.  
Now, I don't know about you guys but this little personal touch is really cool.  I'm not a makeup guru and I'm pretty new to the makeup world compared to a lot of bloggers out there but I still felt special when I opened up my box and saw that I got a personal thank you and not just a generic typed thank you.  
The products themselves are just as amazing as the packaging! 

This is the Burning Heart palette.  I was so excited to get this product because I have wanted a good red and yellow for awhile and just hadn't found it until now!! :)

From left to right Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, and Poison Plum...The pic on the right is just to show you just how much product you're getting.  The one on the left is Love+ while the one on the right is a MAC shadow.  Look at how HUGE the shadows are for Sugarpill and it's cheaper than a MAC shadow.  I am amazed at the amount you get :) The palettes are magnetic and also have a mirror in them.  

These are the two Chromalust loose shadows I got.  Royal Sugar (blue) and Decora (pink)

Decora again....The pic on the right is to show the loose shadow in comparison to the old MAC pigment size.  MAC changed their pigments and they have less in them.  For what the Sugarpill loose shadows cost you are getting a very good deal.  Below is a comparison of Sugarpill loose shadows to what the new MAC pigments look like.  


I'm sorry the lighting isn't that great but you can get an idea...the ones on the left are dry, with no base or anything under, and the ones on the right are just wet using MAC's Fix+ (I don't have any mixing medium) also without a base/primer.  

The only con I have at the moment is that the red stains the skin a little bit, but it's nothing that makeup remover can't take off (so it's really not a big deal anyway).  I am DEFINITELY going to be buying more when I get enough money to place another order.  
Go to and check it out!!! :)

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