Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette :)

I know many people have posted blogs and videos regarding the Alice in Wonderland pallette but I wanted to write a review anyway.  Seeing as the movie just came out in theaters this weekend :).
I basically bought this palette as a gift for myself because I love Urban Decay's shadows.  It's been a long time since I've had enough money to buy something cool like this palette so I was super excited.
My only real complaint is that the mirror doesn't stay up so the mirror isn't all that useful.  Then again I prefer a bigger mirror anyway.  The one thing I do like is that if I really like any of the colors I can get them individually because they're all just renamed for the palette as opposed to being completely new/limited colors.  I know some people didn't like that they were just renamed but I find it frustrating sometimes when I get a product that is limited and I end up loving it.  At least with this I can still get the shades if I want them (as long as Urban Decay doesn't discontinue them before I get them haha).  Anyway, if you have the AIW palette, feel free to let me know your thoughts on it :)

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