Moving in a new direction
I've been thinking almost since I first started to do the whole blog thing (which has only been a very recent thing for me) that, while I love all things beauty/makeup related, I know there are so many blogs already out there and established that have great material.  I feel that mine would not be adding much to the beauty world that people couldn't already find on countless other blogs where many readers already turn to.  So I've decided that I would like to move my blog in a different direction.  I only have 4 "followers" at the moment anyway but I still wanted to make sure everyone knew what was happening and why the content and subject matter is changing.  If I do come across something cool dealing with cosmetics or beauty I will definitely be sure to post something.  However, I'm thinking of writing about more day to day, inspirational type stuff.  I've seen a lot in my 28 years and I've gone through many transformations.  I've learned a great deal about both myself and those close to me in ways that only growing up can teach you.  I'd like to share some of that with whoever feels like reading this blog.  I'm hoping that some of the things I share over the course of this blog, that people can take something away from it to help in their own lives if they are dealing with something I've already gone through.   I thank those few of you who have started out as my very first readers and I hope that many others will find their way here and gain some insight that I hope I can provide.

Thanks and Hugs, 
Tiff :)
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