My Top Six Favorite Authors (I tried to do a top 5...but obviously that didn't work out)
Here is a list of my top 6 favorite authors as of this posting.  Some of these I've loved for many years, while a couple I recently got into because, of course, my best friend told me I'd be stupid not to read them....she was right.  Most of these are either fantasy/sci-fi, some have a little bit of paranormal romance or something like that.  I'm a woman, I like romance.  Ok, actually I find some "romance" cheesy and corny to the point where it almost makes me uncomfortable but some of it it still fun to read ;).  So here's the list :)  Oh, and these are in no particular order (I don't think I could do that if I wanted to.  I like them all too much lol).

1. Jim Butcher...This wonderful Fantasy/Sci-fi writer has brought us wonderful books in the form of the Codex Alera and the Dresden Files series.  Amazing.  So awesome that even my husband (who is a total D&D geek and video game nerd) loves them as well.  In fact, I think I married Harry Dresden because there are an awful lot of similarities lol.  

2. Neil I posted in my last blog, Neil Gaiman should be shown in the dictionary next to the word, Awesome, because he is made up of pure awesomeness.  Yeah, he's basically a must read.  Some of his books include: American Gods, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere, Stardust, The Graveyard Book, Coraline....and he also wrote Good Omens with Terry Pratchett who should also be included under the word Awesome.  

3.  Brandon Sanderson....This is a recent addition (due to my best friend) who I should have been reading from day one.  The Mistborn Trilogy is amazing.  He would also be under Sci-Fi fantasy.  His mistborn and mistings almost make me not want to be a furycrafter (Butcher's Codex Alera). Anyway, he's one to check out.

4.Laurell K. Hamilton...I've been reading LKH for many years now, because my best friend forced me to read the first Anita Blake book one time when I was visiting her.  I mean, I think she held me at knife point or something because I kept saying I'd check the books out and hadn't gotten around to it.  Needless to say, I read the entire thing that very night.  Lately, I haven't been as impressed with some of her more recent books, especially in the Anita Blake series, but because I loved so many of the earlier ones I still include her on here.  She writes some sci-fi/fantasy but with a lot more sex ;) haha.  You have everything you could possibly want in these books: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, ghouls, wererats, werehyenas, wereleopards, etc.  You name it, it's probably in there.  Even swans lol.  Let me tell you right now, the whole Twilight trinity that everybody is obsessed with....sorry folks, LKH did it loooooooong before the Twihards ever got their Jacob or Edward tattoos.  Honestly, I think Anita, Jean Claude (vampire) and Richard (wolf) were a much sexier threesome.  And Jean Claude didn't even sparkle.  But anyway, her other series is the Merry Gentry series which I really like as well.  It's got faeries in it and of course, lots of sex. But moving on ;)

5.  Clive of my all time favorite books is The Thief of Always by Barker.  He can write some creepy stuff though, let me tell you.   The Hellraiser franchise can back me up.  Yeah, they got that from Barker's The Hellbound Heart.  caaarreeeeepy, but he's amazing so check him out as well.  

6. R. A. Salvatore....I was only going to do a top 5 but I simply could not leve Salvatore out.  I love love love his books.  I don't even play D&D and I love the stuff he's written in the Forgotten Realms world.  Come on, who doesn't love Drizzt?  or Cadderly?  I love his characters.  They're so lovable when he wants them to be and you absolutely hate the ones he intends for you to hate.  Love his stuff, can't get enough of it.  If you're looking for some good D&D type of stuff, he's a good one to read :)

ok, so that's basically my top 6 but I love reading so it's really hard to come up with a list without feeling like I'm leaving some great people out.  I also really like Charaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books haha.  I've been reading those for years (long before True Blood) and I think they're cute.  But as I implied in my last post, I'll pretty much try to read just about anybody.....except Stephanie Meyers (unless somebody is torturing me, cuz at least reading it will be more mental torture than physical).  I just can't bring myself to read the twilight books, sorry.  If you like them, that's certainly your right.  I just really can't get past the first page of the first book.  I tried in walmart once.  It didn't go over well with my brain.  Anyway, try these authors if you're looking for interesting books.  Especially with the ones where there are a series of books.  I love following the characters through several books.  Anyway, that's my little list.  Below are some links to some of the books if you want to check them out :) Enjoy.




**Disclaimer** All opinions in this post are solely my own.  I am not affiliated in any way with the authors mentioned other than as an avid reader/fan of their material.  All books mentioned were purchased with my own money.  **
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