The Benefit of the Doubt (Don't hate someone you've never met)
You ever feel like screaming?  I'm sure just about everyone has at one point in their life. Unfortunately, that doesn't go over well when you live with other people (or have neighbors).  Stress seems to permeate into every possible aspect of life anymore.  There's all kinds of suggestions for dealing with it online, or in books.  I wonder why it is there has to be books on it in the first place.  When there's a whole section in bookstores for self help and how to deal with things like stress it says a lot about the culture we live in.          

 There's also ridiculous amount of hate being thrown around in the world today.  Everywhere you go there's someone angry about something, whether a cashier got something wrong or somebody got a food order incorrect to all out hate for things about people who have no control over what it is they're hated for.  Who can help where they were born or to whom they were born?  It's ridiculous that these days it's even an issue. But sadly, it still is.  People are being raised to hate without ever having met the people they are supposed to hate.  How can it be that people can look into the eyes of another human being and hate them for something they had no control over?  It's one thing to be angry at someone who hurt you.  It's another to wish someone harm or worse simply because their skin color, language, religion, culture etc. are different than yours.  We've been taught all our lives that this country (the United States) is a melting pot and that we're so great and accepting of everyone, but it's not the case.  I have encountered so many people who never have anything good to say about certain people just because they are classified as a certain race or religion.  People they have never even met or bothered to get to know.
         I have a rule that I try very hard to live by. One simple rule when I first meet a person, even if I heard horrible things about them.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  That is my rule simply because I feel every person has the right to prove to you whether or not what you have heard is true or something made up because someone didn't like them for whatever reason.  I've met countless people who someone had told me something along the lines of "oh she's a bitch" or "he's such an asshole" or "they're a horrible person" only to be shown that they were simply misunderstood.  How many times do we have to repeat the same mistakes before we realize we're all the same?  We all want to be accepted for who we are without worrying that people will judge us before we can even show them the kind of person we really are.  I've even had a person tell ME "oh I thought you were going to be such a bitch" when I started working at a store when I first went to college.  I was shocked.  I never thought I'd come across that way to someone or that someone would outright think that when they hadn't gotten to know me first.  Needless to say, that person ended up saying I was different from what they first thought and that they considered me a friend.  I couldn't help but feel bad for this individual.  I feel bad for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to get to know someone before writing them off as unlikable.    These are frustrating and trying times we live in.  I hope for everyone's sake that people can stop looking for reasons to hate people and start giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Yeah, sometimes those people will end up not being a very nice person but at least you gave them the chance to earn your respect before writing them off.  
So I guess that's kind of a long rant but I'm so exhausted from all the hate flying around out there in the world.  Take from this what you will, but I hope you'll think twice before judging someone without trying to give them a chance first.  


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