Ringing in the New Year...Goodbye 2010.
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I think I must be getting old because unlike a lot of people, I'm actually NOT getting ready to go out and party the night away until the clock strikes 12.  I'm just having a boring night with my husband and my french bulldog...and my cat if he decides to come hang out with us too.  We'll probably be watching some of the first season of Rome which I suppose is a party in and of itself.  The Romans knew how to have a good time.  I did get a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti so I will at least have a drink or several to compensate for my lack luster partying.  I do hope that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.  Please, Please, Pleeeeease, drink responsibly if you are going to drink at all.  If not, maybe help your friends get home by being a designated driver?  I never make New Years resolutions (because I always make them impossible to achieve) so hopefully I'll do something good in 2011 that in the end will make it a better year than 2010.  Take time and reflect on this past year.  I think that can help make some resolutions a little more successful if you can assess what you've done and maybe what you really could work on.  Anyway, have a Happy, Safe, Super Fun New Years and I hope you get to ring in 2011 in style....even if you're like me hanging out in your room watching television and having a drink while your dog snores under the covers!

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