(Nonconsensual) what what....in the butt? That's what being an adult feels like sometimes.
Son of a....
You ever get the feeling that nothing ever goes right in your life? That is how I've been feeling lately.  I just had my windshield replaced a few months back and now I have another crack in the new one because a stupid ginormous truck threw a rock at me when I was driving home not too long ago.  To make matters worse, my husband has a giant crack in HIS windshield.  I swear, the universe is conspiring against me to force me into insanity.  Ugh.  Just when I wanted to buy my husband an Xbox 360 for Christmas, there's a bunch of adult/responsibility type crap I have to deal with.  I probably wish I was a kid again at least 70 times a day.  Who the hell wants to be responsible anyway? In all fairness to adulthood, I certainly wouldn't be able to drink mimosas for New Year's if I were still a child.  Also, I hate having to ask permission for anything, not to mention I don't like to be told what to do.  So, sometimes being an adult has its advantages....but right now it blows.  


<----That's what being an adult prevents me from having at the moment! Ohhh but it will be mind.  I have a Wii but we end up using it more for Netflix than for playing games....unless of course we're killing zombies playing House of the Dead.  That's something I can get into.
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