Apparently My Dog Is A Complete Wuss.
(Napoleon, courtesy of my cell phone)

Apparently my beloved French Bulldog, Napoleon, likes to puss out when we bust out the shooting games on the xbox 360.  Yep, while my husband has been playing Gears of War, Gears of War 2 (which I played too until I kept getting blown up into pieces, but it was fun while it lasted), Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo:Reach, Halo: ODST, etc, etc....the dog decides to crawl into my lap, curl up as small as a 25 pound dog with huge ears can, and then proceed to shake.  I swear he channels his inner chihuahua (I've never seen a dog shake in sheer terror like a chihuahua can).  He looks at me with a sad look like the gunfire is actually going on in our bedroom in real life.  I mean, I'd probably crap myself too if it was but it's just games.
(An example of Napoleon pussing out)

  Of course, he's a dog, and while French Bulldogs are ridiculously smart (trust me, my dog is TOO smart), they don't know that it's completely fake.  Although, the volume isn't even all that loud.  Still, I'm disappointed that I named him Napoleon and then he goes and pusses out like a little bitch.  Oh well, he's still ridiculously cute and a complete and total snuggle butt so I guess I'll cut him some slack.  That is if I give him a banana (one of his favorite treats of all time, that he'd kill a man for).  I guess he thinks he's a big, bad dog until the guns start firing.

(another photo...also courtesy of my cell phone)


Awesome games that might make your dog want to shit him/herself:

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