Public Restroom 101: Stop Being Nasty
You know what really grosses me out?  A lot of things but many of them have to do with what I observe (not that I'm actually LOOKING at anybody) have to do with public bathrooms.  Now, being a woman, I wouldn't know a great deal about what the Men's room would look like but I feel that women have a serious lack of knowledge on how to use a public restroom properly. I guess what I'm really getting at is, have some freaking courtesy when using them.  Other people have to go in after you and do their business.  I would hope people would want a relatively clean experience while doing what needs to be done in there, so how about not leaving a disgusting mess?  I am starting to believe that there needs to be a 101 class on how to use a public bathroom.  I mean really?  What is wrong with you people?  I know that for many, this is an embarrassing and uncomfortable topic but I am going to give you some tips to help make EVERYONE have a better experience when they can't wait until they get home to do their business.

1.  The courtesy flush....Now, I've never met a single human being whose shit did not stink.  Quit fooling yourself.  You certainly aren't fooling me if I'm in the stall next to you.  With that being said, it's a natural thing and nobody can get away with NOT doing it (unless they are ill).  But be a sweetheart and flush once in awhile to help minimize the possibility that I am going to gag while trying to pee in the stall next to you. 

2.  Flush the damn toilet...Countless times I have gone into a public bathroom and there is at least one toilet that has a disgusting mess in it or evidence that some nasty ass person just didn't flush.  Ok, first and foremost, that is freaking disgusting and second, you should be ashamed of yourself to be that gross.  Just flush the damn thing so nobody else has to look at what you ate earlier.  Thank you very much.

3.  Clean the hell up after yourself...I don't know how many people know this statistic but Hepatitis (as in B and C) can live for up to 7 days in a single drop of blood.  Ladies, I think you know what I'm getting at here.  We all have to deal with that friendly little visitor once a month and chances are you'll end up having to use a public restroom at one time or another with said visitor.  Don't leave that shit on the toilet seat.  I can't even count how many times I've gone into a stall and seen that.  Why should I have to clean up something like that?  Clean that stuff up if you see you made a mess.  It's courteous and a hell of a lot safer for others.
           *If you are a woman who goes into a stall with that on it, I would highly recommend you use a different one....see above statistic about Hepatitis. 

4.  Wash your freaking hands...I don't care how many companies make hand sanitizer, when you use the restroom, wash them. WITH SOAP AND WARM WATER.  Hand sanitizer is not a cure all.  There are some times that you should actually wash your hands and after using the bathroom is one of them.  Yeah, I know that they claim to kill something like 99.something percent of all germs blah blah blah.  Notice it is not 100%? Also, if you have debris on your hands or under your nails, that makes it harder for the hand sanitizer to even get to all of it.  Just be a dear and wash with the standard soap and water.  Also, I know this is not the place you want to hang around for any longer than you have to but you should wash them for at the very least for the time it takes for you to either sing the alphabet song or twinkle twinkle little star....

I hope this little bit of advice helps.  Otherwise, quit being gross.

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