Not Down With The Sickness
Ugh! I feel like crawling into a dark hole somewhere and coughing up at least one if not both of my lungs right now.  I probably look like I could be an extra on The Walking Dead (which I SHOULD be dammit!!).  I will blame this on my husband mainly because he was sick before me (or at least had symptoms).  It makes me so mad when he gets sick because he usually gets over it quickly and with a lot less problems.  I on the other hand, get this gross, horrible, ridiculously annoying bronchitis thing going on.  Thankfully I've never had it turn into pneumonia, seeing as I already have asthma to make me more miserable.  It's just not helpful to float around in a fog from Mucinex all day long when I need to be studying/reading junk for my classes that just started up.  The snow is bad enough, I don't need to be wheezing and coughing on people while also slipping on the damn ice.  Aaaaaanyway, hopefully I'll come up with an amusing or witty blog soon when I have full function of my respiratory system again.

<---They need me in Season 2, they just don't realize it so they haven't called.



<---------That right there, helps this crappy cough.  Just so you know.
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