A List of Things I Like
Now, I'm a pretty cynical person at times, especially as I get older.  However, I decided I'll make a little list of things that I actually like or can make me happy.  So, here are a few of those things:

~Friends and family (an obvious one I suppose, it's pretty much a required like when you win an Oscar and you always say "I wanna thank the Lord, my family...etc. etc.") Nah, I do love them ^_^

~Fireworks (the actual stuff that blows up with pretty colors...not the Katy Perry song in case you were confused).


~Reading (books usually)...OK, I read stupid celebrity gossip crap too what can I say?

~Terrible jokes (i.e. two peanuts walking down the road....one was a salted)....

~The sound of drums....especially if the person beating on them actually knows how to use them.

~Cooking out on a grill...this is pretty much the only way I can eat a hot dog...why do people boil them?  O_o

~Visiting historical locations/sites...This one seems like it should be pretty obvious....degree in Anthropology? Check....back in school to teach History......check...obsession with historical documentaries? Check.....can't stop watching infomercials when they're on...wait, no that's not right.

~Sparkly things....except vampires for God's sake.  The only time I want to see a vampire "sparkle" is when I light them on fire.

~When technology actually works...I know, it's so elusive but when it happens it's the same kind of reaction as the double rainbow guy (at least for me).....that's if I didn't break it before it actually started to work again..............*crickets*

~Watching movies...especially really bad ones that make me laugh.

~Music...ya know, I don't know a single person who doesn't like music. 

~Not having a headache...this one is crucial to happiness.

~Food...seems essential...there's a whoooole bunch of foods I love which is a blog post all on its own.

~Expensive makeup even when I don't wear it very often (it's an addiction, leave me alone!)

~Dogs with squishy faces and big ears
~Dogs in general
~Ok, most animals....I have what I call the Ace Ventura gene....I need to write a separate blog on that.

~Candy...how can that not be full of happiness (and lots of calories)?

~I guess laughing should be on this list too.  I generally enjoy doing that. 

~People who are really organized.....because I'm not one of those people.

~Office supplies/School supplies....What? Is that weird?

~Nail polish

~Foreign accents...I swear I love hearing people talk when they have different accents. 

~My ginourmous Star Wars mug that I like to drink hot chocolate from.
~Hot Chocolate

~Googly eyes (I feel that every inanimate object should have at least one set of googly eyes)

~Grape Soda

~Bad...and I mean baaaaad, 80s movies.

~The smell of Scotch tape....What is that weird too? I don't know why....shut up, leave me alone.

~Science Fiction/Fantasy.....yeah yeah I'm a freaking geek.  You're so jealous.

~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o71kCuva4B4   <----That. All I can say is I'm mesmerized.

I'm sure as soon as I post this I'll think of thousands of other things to add but I think that's enough for now...I suppose I can always go back and make another post in the future about new things that amuse me.  Don't worry, I have a whole list of things I can't stand to post one of these days too! So that's a warning to be prepared ;)


<----Love these things...I need to get some so I can put them on things. 
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