The Kitten and His Catch
Ok, so one day back when I was at Ohio State, I was on my way to the main library with my fiance (now my husband) and we saw this tiny little kitten.  It was so cute and it made me incredibly sad that I couldn't take it home with me.  I felt so horrible and wished there was something I could do.  I was afraid it would end up dead for one reason or another and it was already late fall and cold as balls.  So I thought about that poor little kitty and hoped I didn't go back and find it dead somewhere near the library.  Well, on another day when I had to hike over to the same library with the same fiance (who is still my husband), we saw the same kitten.  This time, however, he had a large dead bunny in his mouth.  I mean, I say bunny but this was not little by any stretch of the imagination.  This was a full grown rabbit.  It was bigger than the kitten, and yet this kitten was walking around with it in his mouth like it was no big deal to carry something twice its body weight.  I turned to my now husband and simply said something along the lines of "well shit, I guess I don't feel so bad now, that thing can definitely take care of itself."  I have no idea if the kitten actually killed the rabbit or if he stumbled across a lucky find with the rabbit already dead.  I like to imagine that the kitten jumped out from behind a bush and roared at it and then proceeded to slaughter it like some sort of Spartan warrior or something.  I'm pretty sure that there's some sort of great message here, like even those who appear small or weak can kick your chubby ass or something.  I don't know.  I just thought the kitten with his ginormous catch was awesome.  So there you have it.

I swear this picture looks just like that kitten....who knows, maybe it IS.  But you get the idea.  That kitten was a warrior and badass.

A four month old feral kitten eating an adult ...Image via Wikipedia

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