The Kitteh! Meet Murphy
Officer Alex J. Murphy (aka Murphy)  

So I introduced my other snuggle butt so here's my kitty, Murphy.  Yes, his name is technically what the caption says as he's named after my favorite cyborg cop, Robocop.  Of course we call him Murphy.  He's a little shit that likes to sleep on my pillow and sometimes on my head.  Once in awhile he wants to lie with one paw on my cheek like he's hugging my head.  He's cute and purrs louder than any cat I've ever had.  And yet, he's the biggest attention whore! I mean, he will be all up on your nuts when you're trying to get work done.  But I guess it's just my "Ace Ventura" gene once again showing itself.  He'll follow me around all over the house.  He even wants to be in my lap when I'm trying to have a private moment on the damn toilet! lol.  He demands it.  So, there's Murphy my sometimes lovable and always needy kitteh!

I think he was watching Pineapple Express here. lol.

So there's Murphy :) Enjoy! 

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